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Our mission is to increase pronghorn populations in Arizona through habitat improvements, habitat acquisition, the translocation of animals to historic range, and public comment on activities affecting pronghorn and their habitat.  As a 501c3 nonprofit, all of our proceeds help advance our mission.

Volunteer with us

To be added to our volunteer notification list, send us your contact details to:

If this is your first time volunteering with us, check out the training videos on this page so that you can arrive prepared to dive in!  We work hard AND we have a lot of fun.  Looking forward to seeing you in the field!

All volunteers will need to signup with AZGFD to participate.  Here is the link to the one-time signup with their portal.  If you have questions about the process, download this PDF tutorial for assistance.


April 13 18A

May 18 Big Lake

June 7-9 Vaca Ranch

August 10 I-17

September 21 18A

Upcoming events

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Pronghorn do not jump fencing so a simple four or five strand barbed wire fence becomes a barrier to pronghorn movement. This restricts their ability to access habitat, which limits access to forage and water, along with the ability to reach other pronghorn, which reduces genetic diversity. They will, however, duck under a fence if the bottom strand is high enough above the ground.

Arizona Antelope Foundation relies on volunteers to modify barbed wire fencing in key pronghorn habitat throughout Arizona to wildlife-friendly fencing by removing the bottom wire and replacing with a smooth wire at least 16" from the ground. This restores wildlife mobility as it essentially removes the barrier, providing an area where the pronghorn are able to duck under the fence.

The first video is an introduction of a series of videos created for new volunteers to understand why we do these fence modification projects and shows a few key areas on tasks that you can do when signing up for a volunteer project.

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