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Sonoita Plains 2017-2020 survey results

July 20, 2020 7:21 PM | Deleted user

On Saturday July 18th we conducted our Covid-19 aware Sonoita Plains/San Rafael Valley 9th annual pronghorn survey. Note the survey results below and thanks from Regional Game Specialist Rana Tucker. We did well on the survey, disappointing fawn numbers but at least at the herd maintenance level.

Presuming we observed 75% of the animals present we are holding our meta-population level at a  minimum of 250 animals occupying the now pronghorn friendly habitat of 100,500 acres on the plains. When the project/grant began in 2012 we had just 81 pronghorn fragmented into 3-sub populations. The San Rafael population was just 9. The NFWF/AAF/AGFD and Landowners and multiple partners have made a tremendous difference since 2012!!

Glen Dickens

From Rana Tucker:

Here are the results from this year's survey, and the past 4 years for comparison.

In the Sonoita Plains ONLY (not including San Rafael Valley, which isn't surveyed every year), we saw: 

 2020- 218 total (63b, 115d, 30f, 10 uncl)

2019- 274 total (84b, 130d, 57f)

2018- 171 total (67b, 88d, 12f, 4 uncl) *raining during survey

2017- 237 total (67b, 139d, 21f, 10 uncl)

In San Rafael Valley:

2020- 31 total (15b, 16d, 0f)

2019- 28 total (10b, 13d, 5f)

2012- 9 total

So region-wide (all of 34/35), we came out with a fawn:doe ratio of 23:100.

Just looking at the Sonoita plains, it was 26:100.

Please thank EVERYONE for their hard work and dedication this Saturday! It really warms my heart to see how much the members of your organization care about pronghorn, and are willing to put their time and effort (and gas money!) into showing it! It was an exciting day, even though the fawn numbers could have been better. I had a great time, and hope everyone else did, too.


Rana Tucker |  Terrestrial Wildlife Specialist ~ Game Mgmt

Arizona Game & Fish Department

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