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Our mission is to increase pronghorn populations in Arizona through habitat improvements, habitat acquisition, the translocation of animals to historic range, and public comment on activities affecting pronghorn and their habitat.  As a 501c3 nonprofit, all of our proceeds help advance our mission.

Unit 18A/Crozier Ranch Fence Renovation Project

  • October 07, 2023
  • 8:00 AM
  • BLM land 51 miles west of Seligman north of Highway 66

Arizona Antelope Foundation

Unit 18A/Crozier Ranch Fence Renovation Project

October 7, 2023

NOTE: We are partnering with AZGFD on the registration for this event.  To be included on this project, please register at this link:

You will be asked to create a login profile with AZGFD the first time you register for an event with them. 

Click the Respond Button on the AZGFD at the link above to get started.

Project Details

Project Location: We will be working on BLM land 51 miles west of Seligman north of Highway 66, directions below. 

Project Begins: Saturday, October 7th. Please meet at camp no later than 8:00AM. This is scheduled as a one-day project. 

Project Activity: We will be modifying and/or rebuilding existing fence to be wildlife friendly fence by replacing the bot-tom wire with smooth wire at the appropriate height and replacing stays along the fence. Our goal is to modify up to 2 miles.

Project Activity: We will be repairing an existing boundary fence between the Crozier Ranch and the Denny Ranch, removing the bottom wire and installing smooth wire; with minimal stay replacement. The section we are working on solidly in the middle of a pronghorn corridor; but the edges of the fence section will likely be up in the junipers and more appropriate for deer/elk but the waypoint data shows the pronghorn use it as well.

Pronghorn Benefits: This effort is located in the heart of pronghorn habitat in Unit 18A. Cooperators have a long-term plan of removing in excess of 20 miles of page wire fence and replacing portions of it with “Pronghorn Friendly” 4-strand fence and modifying existing barbed-wire fence with "Pronghorn Friendly" modifications. Most of this page wire work, due to contracts for replacing the fence is being done with Department employees. There are 100s of miles of additional barbed-wire fence which also needs to be modified to "Pronghorn Friendly." Fencing efforts are happening in conjunction with fawn enhancement, water distribution improvements, and habitat treatments. The AAF has planned 2 fence projects annually over 5-years to accomplish this work. It is an integral part of the greater Unit 18A fence/water/habitat improvement project lead by the AZ Game & Fish Department Kingman Regional Office in partnership with local ranchers/lessees and the Mule Deer Foun-dation; Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation; the Arizona Deer and Elk Associations and the Arizona Mule Deer Organization. There are presently 20 radio-collared pronghorn which are providing invaluable information on the barriers much of the current fencing is creating for the resident pronghorn.

HPC Grant Benefits: All volunteer work hours and mileage will be used as in-kind match for an approved and funded 2020 AAF-AGFD Unit 18A Pronghorn Connectivity Project.

What to Bring: Work gloves (The AAF will have a limited supply), Saturday lunch, sunscreen, snacks, water, personal gear.

Meals: Please provide your own lunch to eat in the field on Saturday. AAF will provide field water on the project day and dinner for all volunteers on Friday and Saturday nights and continental breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Deadline: Please register online by Monday October 2nd so we can plan to have enough food and tools for everyone.  The site you will use to register is the AZGFD site (not the AAF site).

Questions or Assistance: If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the AZGFD Volunteer Coordinator at 602-526-2004 or

Directions to Camp:

Directions from Kingman:

Take exit 53 for Andy Devine/Historic US 66. Head northbound on Andy Devine/Historic US 66 for approximately 34 miles. Access will not have highway signage and will be a chain link gate which will be be-tween mile marker 90 and mile marker 91 on your left. Enter through the gate, take the first right and then follow the road to the camp site.

Directions from Seligman:

Take exit 123 for I-40 Business Loop/AZ-66 toward Seligman. Head through Seligman and then north on AZ-66 for approximately 51 miles. Access will not have high-way signage and will be a chain link gate which will be between mile marker 90 and mile marker 91 on your right. Enter through the gate, take the first right and then follow the road to the camp site.

Note : We'll be camping here because it's the nicest "treed" spot close to the project, on private lands, but we'll be working on a boundary fence 18 miles away from here on BLM lands. The port-a-potties will be at the camp site location.

Download Flyer Here

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