Our first work project of the new year opened with a Bang!  We had 50 volunteers for the Unit 21 project on January 31st to February 2.  On Saturday our efforts were concentrated on fence work near the Orme Ranch. We removed a 2+ miles of barbed wire on the bottom strand and replaced it with a smooth wire.  We also removed some fence around Hooker Tank and the Big Flat Tank in Reimer Draw.  We made short work of the fencing efforts with all our volunteers!

     The day before the work project, our AGFD leader Dana Bayer counted 36 pronghorn to the west and north of the project site! (We believed her, but they were no where to be found when the work started! )  This is a good sign that our efforts from the November 2002 project, coupled with this one, can have a positive impact on the northern portion of the Unit 21 herd.

     Our evening festivities started with some great hors d’oeuvres from Chef Ignacio and Chef Leia.  Head Chef Don had the cooks working like a well oiled machine.  Chef Frank did his usual wonderful job on the steaks too!

     After our appetites were satisfied, all our canine friends proceeded to clean up the camp. While that was going on, we heard an excellent presentation on Arizona Pronghorn History by Richard Ockenfels.  His slide show and narrative was a fitting end to Saturday’s efforts!

     Thanks to donations from ADBSS, Chef Don prepared biscuits and gravy for the hungry workers on Sunday morning.  A number of the remaining volunteers headed south to finish the work project with some brush removal for the BLM in the Cactus Basin.  (Dana, our chainsaw’s are crying out for juniper!)

     Thanks to all the volunteers for making this a successful project!  We had people from our AAF ,AGFD,USFS,BLM,CoconinoCo.Parks, Coconino Sportsmen, Verde Search & Rescue, and the Hunter Education programs.  Special thanks to the ASU students for joining us, and to Grace, our youngest volunteer! 

     Those folks on their first project receive a Pronghorn pin as a token of our appreciation for your efforts.  We handed out several, but if we missed you, we are ordering some more. Let me know if you need one. Until next time… think rain!


Jim Unmacht



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