Babacomari Ranch Unit 35A Work Project
March 22, 2003


The Grasslands of Sonoita

Remember the Old West movies where the hero was going to retire to a big valley with tall grass and water in the mountains?  The Sonoita area comes very close to this dream.  The Babacomari Ranch is one of those places, just south of Elgin in Southern Arizona.

Javelina, Mule Deer and Pronghorn were all spotted during the AAF's March 22 fencing project on the Babacomari Ranch.  A special thanks to ranch manager Douglas T. Ruppel for his hospitality, and allowing us access to modify 3 miles of fence in order to make it pronghorn friendly. We raised the bottom strand of the fence 18" to allow the pronghorn to move between the fenced pastures.  (For those of you unaware, pronghorn don't jump fences, they go under.)

A scheduling conflict saw a lower volunteer turnout, but nonetheless a successful project.  Some of our Southern Arizona members were able to participate.  We also had several members of the National Wild Turkey Federation help.  A special thanks to those "Turkey folk" that now are AAF members!

The usual Saturday night steak dinner was replaced with a spaghetti feed, but was enjoyed to the same extent by the hard working crew!

Thanks for your efforts!

Jerry Guevin

Volunteer List

Tucson – Eugene Hays, Glen Dickens, Betty Dickens, Scott DeMer
Sierra Vista – Sheridan Stone
Hereford – Shaun P Fund, Rene Dube, Ron Gerdes
Phoenix Area – Brian Taylor, Virginia Ferland, Jerry Guevin, Connie Taylor

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