Hooker Basin Unit 21 Work Project
November 15, 2003

Our final project of 2003 took us back to Unit 21, camping again along Yellow Jacket Creek off the Dugas Road. We ended the year with another excellent turnout of 41 people! This time we concentrated our efforts around Hooker Tank and Black Canyon Well in the northern part of Unit 21.

We kicked off Friday evening with a Powerpoint presentation by Richard Ockenfels, enlightening all the campfire spectators on the Pronghorn Lifecycle in Arizona. A great show! Saturday morning broke with preparations made for the day’s work. Our group was split in two, with one concentrating on modifying the enclosure around the Black Canyon Well, and the other making a couple miles of fence pronghorn friendly before ending the day modifying the fence enclosure around Hooker Tank. Some of the highlights...
-Throughout the day Professor David Brown mercilessly dealt fatal blows to woody shrubs encroaching on the grasslands!
-The youngest volunteers Jimmy Unmacht and Anthony Vallone, kept up with the veterans until blisters and tarantualas garnered their attention.
-While this was happening, Dana Bayer schooled us on the finer points of ATV loading & unloading, and later, she resolved the herding problem we had with some troublesome horses around Hooker Tank!
-AZGFD Wildlife Views cameras captured many of the proceedings and interviewed President Jerry Guevin, and 2004 Board member Connie Taylor for an upcoming TV show. 
-The Canine Corps found the area void of quail, but rumor had it that back at camp, Zack was feasting!
-Professor Brown’s Biology Class performed well along the line all day long.
-Albert, Troy, Dana & Sophia supervisored a great work day with more progress for pronghorn!As the day wound down, the hors d’vores began with Chef Jerry rolling quesidillas off the Coleman. Thanks to the remaining Cooking Corps of Tracy Unmacht, Sue Foote, Dave Laird and your’s truly, no bellies were left empty.

Richard closed the entertainment with another Powerpoint presentation, this one on the History of Pronghorn in AZ...the man knows his stuff!

Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this another successful project, helping to preserve more places for pronghorn! We’ll look forward to seeing you again in 2004!

Jim Unmacht 

Volunteer List

Phoenix Area – Troy Christensen, Jerry Guevin, Connie Taylor, Al & Marsha Sue, Dave Laird, Sue Foote, Liz Ridder, Jeff & Cynthia Mason,  Angela Williams, Scott Mackey, Candan Soykan, Dana Bayer, Victoria Sutton, Krista Maney, Andrew Ross, Marilyn Knight, Traegen Knight, Sasha Keyel, Tommy Pettit, Alyssa Spradley, Jill Wodrich, Bob Ohmort, Dave Albo, Jim & Tracy Unmacht, Grace Unmacht, Jimmy Unmacht, Anthony Vallone, Rebecca Temblador-Vasquez, Selena Witkowski, Lindsay Brand, Jeff Anderson, Ryan Callahan, Peter Unmack, Lindsey Hendricks, David Brown, Sophia Fong
Mayer – Richard Ockenfels
CampVerde - Albert Sillas

Click here to see more photos of the work project.

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