Chevelon Unit 4A Work Project
June 6-8, 2003

Six Miles of Fence, A lot of Pronghorn, and Even some Raindrops...

We had a good turnout for our Chevelon Work Project. A total of 32 people joined us for the fencing alterations on the 26 Bar ranch, now owned by the Hopis. We made short work of these lines, eliminating the bottom barbed wire, and adjusting the next strand up or down to the 18” mark as necessary. With the numerous pronghorn sitings, abundant tracks, and many droppings, these alterations should go a long way in helping this herd!

We had fun in camp too, hearing some tall tales around the lanterns! Yes, unfortunately it was dry up there, and fire restrictions were in place, so if there was a downside to the trip, that was it. As usual, the food was delicious, and many thanks go to Chefs Mary & Bill Keebler, and Marlene Oland! We also had the usual Canine Corps to guard the camp, and the only dog battles were contained in family squabbles between Meg & Sam. Every other Corps member got along grandly.

We had only a couple non-AAF members join us, and those two gentlemen were from Pine Top. Otherwise, our group came from Casa Grade to Flagstaff, and from Peoria to Pinetop, with a number of Phoenix folk in between. We had some young help, Trevor, Dylan, Paul (how did you keep that horned toad on your head for 4 hours?), Jimmy, and Grace, (sorry, no phone service!) and of course our wise & witty veterans.

Finally, special thanks to Game & Fish wildlife magagers Dave Cagle and Ken Clay III for coordinating the project with Dave Hartman, the Hopi ranch manager.  Until next time, think rain and fawn survival!

Jim Unmacht

Volunteer List

Phoenix Area – Brian Taylor, Virginia Ferland, Jerry Guevin, Connie Taylor, Joe Bill Pickrell, Bill & Mary Keebler, Sue Foote, David Laird, Bill Hook, Trevor Hook, Bruce Johnson, Dave Verhelst, Jim & Tracy Unmacht, Grace Unmacht, Jimmy Unmacht,Terry Steinke, Dylan Steinke, Oscar & Marlene Oland, Jimmy Landrew, Rick Michalek.
Flagstaff – Paul Pavlich, Paul I. Pavlich
Mormon Lake – Michael Morgenthal
Casa Grande – Ken & Kathy Cook
Winslow – Ken Clay III
Pinetop – Bob Blassingame, Ken Kerr
Lakeside – Dave Cagle

Click here to see more photos of the work project.

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