Bloody Basin Unit 21 Work Project
March 27, 2004

Bloody Basin Begins with a Bang!

Our first project of 2004 took us back to Unit 21 to continue our efforts at enhancing habitat for the migrating pronghorn.  Fifty people made the trek to our work sites off the Great Western Trail.  We collectively traveled 8244 round trip miles to assist Arizona’s antelope!

We started the work day with a 4x4 adventure down Forest Rd. 677. I once said “I’d never take my truck on this road!”  Well, we had 15 trucks, including my fleet of Dodges traversing the wash boards!

We thought we made it to our first stop when we came across our lone remaining Adopt-A-Ranch sign…wrong – we had to go up the bedrock steps!  We all made it and subsequently made short work of our first couple miles of fence!  We modified the fences by taking off the two bottom barbed strands and replaced them with a smooth wire.  Pronghorn could now move freely between these two pastures in their Unit 21 migration.

After watching a couple strings of horseback riders ride through our first stop, and once everyone’s appetites were satisfied, we went on the 2nd leg of our 4x4 adventure.

This route started out harmless, enough but soon took a turn to a more adventurous narrow trail heading into the bottom valley 6 miles south of Dugas.  This pronghorn migration connector needed our attention too, and we set about our business with determination and what was left of our remaining energy. 

This stretch of fence stretched us!  The youngsters began to get distracted by quail, tarantulas, horned toads and blisters. The rest of us were simply getting tired.  

We “got ‘er done” however and ended another great day in the field towards one of our primary goals. 

Our evening campfire was kicked off by another great AAF steak dinner.  Thanks to chefs Jerry Guevin, Dave Laird, and Tracy Unmacht. Special thanks to our “Jalapeno Quesadilla peddler” Alexis Thompson!  Kudos to our 50/50 Raffle girls Grace Unmacht and Amber Ford.  Our 1st regular 50/50 drawing garnered $112 total, with $56 going to me…and upon our redraw, Robert Chabrok was our lucky winner who promptly and graciously spent his winnings on AAF gear.

Thank you to all the volunteers, from our grade schoolers, to David Brown’s biology class, our AAF members and our other dedicated sportsmen, women and kids who came out to help us continue to preserve places for pronghorn!  We appreciate your efforts and so will our pronghorn for generations to come.


Troy Christensen, Al Sue, Jerry Guevin, Connie Taylor, Marsha Sue, Jim Unmacht, Tracy Unmacht, Grace Unmacht, Jimmy Unmacht, Alexis Thompson,  Trisha Thompson, Trey Thompson, Harold Lee, Dana Bayer, Dave Laird, Scott Anderson, Diana Kutcher, Bruce Johnson, Rachel Gross, Alexander Keyel, Thomas Pettit, Jennifer Groom, Alison Groom, Alyssa Spradley, Jennifer Laliberte, Lisa Laliberte, Sari Neumeyer, Adrianne Cology, Elaine Anthonise, Chris Fitzharris, Robert Swelgin, Sarah Newell, Angela Williams, Toinette Slowman, David Brown, Tom Ramey, Brett Ramey, Peter Unmack, Amber Ford, Joe Moody, Robert Chabork, Rick Blum, Lindsey Blum, Juana Blum, Brett Blum, Albert Sillas, Kyle Cooper, Tom Bonomo, Rick Peebles, Brett Bornmann

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