Rose Tree Ranch
October 9, 2010

By Glen Dickens, Director

Another successful AAF project was completed by 34 volunteers in southeastern Arizona on October 9th 2010. The project weekend took place on the Rose Tree and Babocomari Ranches located near a previously funded AAF and AZ Deer Association brush treatment project and was in direct proximity to a pending HPC funded multi-specie water project. 

Mesquite Removal 10910The project had two elements. The first consisted of modifying 3.5 miles of existing fence to 4 strands by removing the bottom, barbed-wire strands and replacing with smooth-wire. The second element of the project included hand clearing 2 acres of mesquite on the southern approach of Oil Rig tank on the BLM Las Cienegas Grasslands.

Project benefits included completing travel corridors between the ranches that will help ensure that 2 sepAfter Mesquite Removal 10910arate groups (18 & 36) of pronghorn now using the western section of the Rose Tree Ranch and the Babocomari Ranch further south of that vicinity can have free access to one another. It also helped in completing the critical south portion of the overall pronghorn Santa Cruz Plains pronghorn corridor improvement project as well as to improve pronghorn use and accessibility to a permanent dirt tank.

Camp for the project was located at the historic Rose Tree corrals and stone bunkhouse near Elgin and the weather was fall perfect with no wind or rain. A delicious green chili pork carnitas dinner with the sides was provided by Caterer Frank Hernandez of Tucson.

Thanks go out to several groups of folks that contributed to this successful project…
-The Boswell family: Art and Mark
-Representing the AAF Board: Art of course, Jay Morrison, Connie Taylor and yours truly.
 -Other AAF members and volunteers: Brian Taylor, Al Sue, Al Kreutz, Betty Dickens, Will Hayes, John Millican, Janet & Andrew Oldak, Lloyd & Patrick Wundrock, Ken Pitzlen, William Pinkerton, Mark Tervo, Clay Hernandez & Sons, Astrid Huseby, Katie Hulpke, Perphelia Wilborn, Dave Cruce, Sheridan Stone, Laura Olais from the BLM, Larry Audsley, Ray Emmerich, Warren Adams, Richard Marsh, Netzin Steklis, Jen Anderson and Girl Scout Troop #9, Barry & Andy Sopher.
-Game & Fish personnel: Troy Christensen & Karen Kilma

Thanks everyone for your efforts!

2010 Rose Tree Ranch Project Photos

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