Hopi 3 Canyon Clear Creek Ranch Project
June 2010

By Jim Unmacht, Past President

Another successful AAF project hit the books June 12th!  If you haven't been on a project lately, try and take the time to attend.  Project work is not only a fulfilling way to volunteer your time, but the end result helps out a species that continues to have a need, and helps establish and reinforce relationships that can last a long time!

We had 40+ people this past weekend making a difference for pronghorn and improving a couple of miles of fence on the Hopi 3 Canyon - Clear Creek Ranch south of Winslow.  While pronghorn migration corridors were enhanced, so was the AAF's standing in working in collaboration with the Hopis.

Following the Navajo/Hopi land resolution, the Hopi tribe purchased several ranches in Northern Arizona, and fortunately for us, the AZ Game & Fish and the tribe are working closely on keeping those lands open to public hunting.  Wildlife management and law enforcement are a couple of those key components.  Another key piece is that which we do, volunteer with the landowner and the department, likely through the HPC process to collectively get things done.

On this project we removed a mile of sheep fence, rebuilt it to wildlife friendly standards, reconstructed a different 1/2 mile of fence, and laboriously (my word and my contribution to the weekend!) added stays to almost a mile of recently rebuilt wildlife friendly fence!  We ran out of wire and beat the rain! Thanks go out to several groups of folks that contributed to this successful project…

  • Scott Anderson again for organizing the effort, and wife Jen and her Girl Scout Troop # 9
  • The Boswell family…Art, Mark and his three sons, Kyler, Zach and Samuel.
  • Representing the AAF Board: Art of course, Treasurer Mary Keebler, Past President Bill Keebler, yours truly and our AAF Administrator Tracy Unmacht.
  • Happy Jack crew (just happened to be in the neighborhood): Cecil Schmitz, James Hyslip, Bob Dahlgren, Pat McFall, Mark Stephenson
  • Antelope Tag holders for 5: Me again, Dave Cruce and the McGhee family: Patrick, Matt & Hunter
  • Other AAF members and volunteers: Oscar Oland, Dory Raddatz, Dan Clark, Rhena Martinez, Shea Durham, and David Anderson
  • Game & Fish personnel: Garrett Fabian, Tom McCall and Kathy
  • and finally our canine corps…Molly, Mylie, Cali, and Yogi…who entertained us all weekend!

Great food again thanks to Mary Keebler and Mark & Kyler Boswell! 

Thanks everyone for your efforts!

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