Anderson Mesa
May 17-18, 2008

2008-05 Anderson Mesa Group

The AAF teamed up with the Arizona Wildlife Federation for this year’s Anderson Mesa project, and proved the old adage there is strength in numbers. More than 50 volunteers worked over the course of 1 1/2 days to remove five miles of double strand electric fence, as well as improve a 0.6 mile section of boundary fence along the Lower Lake Mary Allotment. Though this project was not actually on the Mesa, there are formerly collared pronghorn from the Mesa using the long meadows, which may be much more important to the overall Anderson Mesa pronghorn herd than has been realized in the past. 

Fence rollers from the AAF and Game & Fish were humming all day, and made quick work of gathering up the fence. More than half a dozen children scurried around looking for stray strands of wire, untangling nasty bunches, and generally keeping the adults moving! 

A reporter and photographer from the Arizona Daily Sun newspaper joined us Saturday and a great article appeared in the paper the next morning.

Those working on Saturday were treated to a steak dinner sponsored by the AAF, topped off with 3 different cobblers prepared by Mary Keebler, Shane Stewart and Tracy Unmacht. The AAF and AWF conducted a raffle for all in attendance, with many winners of various logo gear. The usual socializing around the campfire took place, with many a fun story being shared.

The Sunday work force took two different paths. One small group tackled some remaining fence wire, and another larger group took the road less traveled! The “Black Ram” tour made the circuit all the way around the Pine Grove Quiet Area. After several miles of scenic and “rough” roads, they made it back in one piece, just in time for the BBQ lunch prepared by the AWF. 

This event was truly a family affair, with many children outlasting some of the adults out in the field!

The Flagstaff Daily Sun featured an article about the project in their May 18th issue. Click here to read the story.

Many thanks to the following volunteers:
Kevin Parkes, Sandy Henwisch, Annie Rollins-Protas, Tim Vining, Doug & Gale Edwards, Robert Garcia, Chris Sather, Jacob Sather, Calvin Sather, Scott Sather, Allen Werkmeister, John Neff, Nathan Ragan, Shane Stewart, Clair Harris, Bruce Belman, Vickie Belman, Sally Tyrrell, Rick Selting, Ken Chichester, Jodi Stewart, Cade Stewart, Maci Stewart, Bonnie Glenn, Regina Eason, Jodi Allen, Cecil Schmitz, Carlota, Schmitz, Jim Barnes, Ken O’Dell, William Delinger, Donna Blomquist, Jaye Kruezer, Kim Kruezer, Cory Kreuzer, Ryan Kreuzer, Jesse Provencio, Jenny Blue, Michael Barker, Cherie Barker, Tom Mackin, David & Sue Laird, Scott Anderson, Jimmie Petersen, Jim & Tracy Unmacht, Tice Supplee, Karen LaFrance, Bill & Mary Keebler, Troy Christensen, AZGFD, Henry Provencio, USFS


2008 May Anderson Mesa





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