Horseshoe Ranch
October 20, 2007

On October 20th the AAF sponsored its second biannual Adopt-a-Ranch project for 2007 with the Horseshoe Ranch, in Unit 21. We had a great turnout of volunteers from the ASU Conservation Biology Class, Friends of the Agua Fria, Boy Scout Troop 738, Ranch owner Dale Longbrake, Ranch manger Jimmie Peterson, along with a few AAF members and other volunteers that heard about the project on the AGFD website.

We modified about 1.5 miles of fence, removing the bottom strands of barbed wire and replacing with one smooth strand positioned 18” above the ground.

Many thanks to our hosts, Dale Longbrake and Jimmie Petersen. And many thanks to the following volunteers:
Ray Blanchard, Art Boswell, Mark Boswell, Josh Cederstrom, Michael Chiega, Cole Cook, Denise Cook, Michael Corieca, Jim Corieca, Matthew DiBiaze, Reaghan Fletcher, Michael Galvez, Josh Gamble, Manuela Gonzalez, Hillary Hoffman, Ryan Howell, Kara Jensen, Paul Marks, Randy Marks, Camise McNichols, Jimmy Mehen, Janet Oldak, Andrew Oldak, Brittany Pettengill, Heather Ray, Michael Siegert, Payton Sirkiwitz, Paul Snyder, Jonathan Snyder, Cynthia Soria, Shane Stewart, Jodi Stewart, Cade Stewart, Maci Stewart, Daniel Ward, and Ken Ward.


2007 October Horseshoe Ranch Photos by Jimmy Mehen





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