Horseshoe Ranch
March 3, 2007

By Troy Christensen

On March 3rd, the AAF sponsored its biannual Adopt-a-Ranch project with the Horseshoe Ranch, in Unit 21. Probably due to conflicting volunteer projects, there was a smaller turnout of AAF members than expected. But we still had a good crew of 23 volunteers from the ASU Conservation Biology Class, Friends of the Agua Fria and other volunteers that heard about the project on the AGFD website.

We focused all of our efforts to complete the fence along Forest Road 14. We know it was worthwhile because when we got there we found a dead doe pronghorn which had gotten tangled in the fence. The wire roller machine was mounted on the back of a quad and it made quick work of rolling up the old barbed wire. Volunteers attached a smooth wire 18 inches up from the ground to benefit wildlife (such as pronghorn antelope) which prefer to go under fences they come to. The volunteers also adjusted the other fence wires so cattle would stay where they should and wildlife which go over or through fences could pass easier.

If you want to help the LRP improve wildlife habitat, the next fence modification on the Horseshoe Ranch will probably be in September when we will modify a BLM fence in a very key pronghorn area. Even before that, on May 5th, there will be a fence modification project on the Yavapai Ranch, near Seligman.

Thanks to our hosts, Dale Longbrake and Jimmie Petersen. And many thanks to the following volunteers: Wanda Kolomyjec, Philip Moore, Oscar Oland, Alicia McKee, Stacy Kolegas, Corey Beaugh, Bryan Colby, Joe Bill Pickrell, Richard Ockenfels, Tim Flood, Melissa Biggs, Tim Vaughn, Robin Daugherty, Jen Litteral, Cassandra Winchell, Maura McAnslan, Holly Hicks, Owen Barcala, Megan Ponce, Merideth Wasson, Manuela Gonzalez, David Brown, and Thom Hulen.

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