Horseshoe Ranch
December 2, 2006

By Jim Unmacht

The culmination of a lot of planning and effort came to fruition over the first weekend in December as the Horseshoe Ranch hosted our last work project of the year by providing a "campground" of luxurious proportions compared with our past camping sites!  Many thanks to our hosts, Dale Longbrake and Jimmie Peterson!

Our turnout overall was excellent, a count of 40 people, however our AAF representation was poor.  The AAF was outnumbered by 15 ASU students from David Brown's class and a like number of folks that were affiliated with the Friends of the Agua Fria National Monument.  Some good cross organizational teamwork, but disappointing from an Antelope Foundation participation standpoint.

As usual we "got er done", led by Game & Fish's Wildlife Manager Jake Fousek and Access Program Coordinator Troy Christensen, we teamed up with Tonto National Forest Ranger Carol Engle and the BLM rep on the Monument Rem Hawes.  We converted a barbed wire to a smooth one on a mile of pasture fence and repaired a water tank and windmill enclosure too.  We saw pronghorn sign, but no animals on the project.  

Tracy Unmacht ramrodded the cooking detail this go round and did a great job with the assistance of Jessica Rogers from ASU.  The cook house provided by the Horseshoe Ranch provided a great facility for readying the meal to feed 3 dozen people.  The BBQ grill on site resulted in made to order steaks for all who ate.

We will likely return to the Ranch next spring for another project, don't miss the opportunity!

Thanks to the following volunteers: Ken Tluczek, Melanie Tluczek, Lauren Washington, Matt Ritter, Tim Flood, Andrea Pohlman, Melinda Ehrler, Sarah Lewis, Julee Risinger, Morgan Haweds, Emily Ash, Kevin Harding, Carlos Hernandez, Steve Sutton, Brent Smith, Jim Unmacht, Tracy Unmacht, Jimmy Unmacht, Jamie Hobbs, Amanda Michalek, Rick Michalek, Manuela Gonzalez, Bill Keebler, Mary Keebler, Rose Werner, Ron Werner, Josh Gamble, Andrew Oldak, Janet Millard-Oldak, Jim Vaaler, David Brown, Kathy Robertson,

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