Anderson Mesa Work Project
June 25, 2005

The AAF joined forces with Game & Fish and the CoconinoNational Forest again for our annual venture to the Mesa to cut and clear encroaching juniper and pine trees from the grasslands.  The trees didn't stand a chance!

Our efforts were coordinated again with some other groups bringing our volunteer total to almost 40 at different times during the day.  The only problem was we didn't get 8 hours of work out of everyone.  Quite a few folks started at 8 am and went until noon, leaving for the day.  Not what the AAF is used to!

Several of us worked past noon to maximize the use of our time.  When the work was done, we finished the day with a tour of some sections cut a couple years ago and a tour of a pronghorn corridor still being used, notwithstanding the thick stand of junipers that make it almost impassable. The lush growth on the high-ground, free of trees was most satisfying!  The old corridor brought out a myriad of options to open it up and make it more pronghorn friendly.  That future project will have to wait for another day.

In the meantime, a must read is retired AZ Game & Fish Game Branch Chief Paul Webb's article on the Anderson Mesa Drift Trap in our Fall Newsletter!  Thanks Paul, well done, and extremely interesting almost 50 years later!

Thanks to the following AM volunteers, you helped us make a difference!  Vernie Abbitt, Cary Asmus, Ryan Behrend, Richard Bosch, David Brown, Barbara & Philip Brunner,  Kelly & Robert Chabak, Tom Conger, Larry Cullen, Bennny Davis, Thomas Deasey, Lynn DeMuth, Regina Eason, Todd Elliott, Suzanne Fonoti, Dan Hancock, Julie Hernandez, Celia Holm, Don Johnson, Sylvie Johnson, Jeremy Lawhorn, Kari Mallen, Matthew Massey, Jim Mehen, Duke Mertz, Elaine Morrall, Ivo Pavlich, Paul Pavlich, Sue Rodman, John Sampanes, Frank Shaffner, Gregg Simon, Jack Simon, Sherman Stephens, George & Betty Tallent, Connie Taylor, Jim Unmacht, Paul Webb.

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