Dripping Vat Wetland Fence Work Project
June 26, 2004

June 26th and 27th took us to the White Mountains for some habitat and fence work.  We had 16 AAF members and friends along with Dave Cagle from AZ Game & Fish and John Wilcox with the US Forest Service.  The volunteers logged 5920 miles and spent 306 hours of travel and labor time to fulfill our commitment to provide cost share labor, on a wetland restoration project funded by the Intermountain West Joint Venture.

Dripping Vat is a premier wildlife habitat area that includes 80 acres of wetlands. In addition to pronghorn, waterfowl and elk also utilize the area.  A livestock fence surrounded the wetland and was in various stages of needing repair, from some simple repairs, to wildlife friendly modifications, to total replacement of some sections.

Between thunderstorms on both days, ¾ mile of fence was replaced, and another ¼ mile of fence was modified to facilitate pronghorn access.  Our volunteers got some exercise as the fence work was located in a roadless area.

Kudos to the Cooks…Sue Foote, Marilyn Hanlin, and Dave Laird did a great job!  The steaks were well done!  We also gave out 5 "first-time project" pins on this project…Thanks to everyone for a job well done!

From Mayer to Mesa to Morenci and other spots in between… many thanks to our volunteers!

Richard Ockenfels, Mayer; Joe Bill Pickrell, Phoenix; David Brown, Phoenix; Don & Janet Johnson, Gold Canyon; Bob & Marilyn Hanlin, Mesa; Connie Taylor, Mesa; Thomas Hulen, Tempe; Randy Turcotte, Tempe; Sue Foote, Phoenix; Dave Laird, Phoenix; Al Sue, Scottsdale; Brian & Ginny Taylor, Phoenix; Scott Heap, Morenci

Read more about this project here.

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