Pronghorn Book

Arizona’s Pronghorn Antelope - A Conservation Legacy
by David Brown & Richard Ockenfels
Cover art by Bonnie Swarbrick

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book cover

“Arizona’s Pronghorn Antelope is amasterful weave of current biology and management information within an historical context. It is an excellent source of valuable information for anyone interested in this incredible animal. This book is long overdue and will remain a critical reference for years to com.”
Jim Heffelfinger, Arizona Game & Fish Department and author of Deer of the Southwest

 “This book is indeed a major contribution to the pronghorn literature. Because of its easy reading style and abundant photos, many people will quickly read and learn much about antelope - a great goal and accomplishment for wildlife and wildlife management.”
Jim Yoakum, author of Pronghorn Ecology and Management

“Arizona’s Pronghorn Antelope” is a timely synthesis of research and management history of a species that is threatened by urban sprawl. The species declined in the past as a result of over-hunting and competition with domestic ungulates. Then, with the help of wildlife managers, the animal was again to recoup much of its historic range. Loss of habitat to housing and highways presents a permanent threat, however, and this book is a call to all who value the species and the landscapes where it occurs.”
Harley Shaw, author of Soul Among Lions

Available in paperback or special edition hardcover signed by the authors.